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OttoSeal S70 The Premium Natural Stone Silicone. Cart. 310 M

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OttoSeal S70 The Premium Natural Stone Silicone. Cart. 310 M


OTTOSEAL® S70 Characteristics: Neutral-curing 1-component silicone sealant, MEKO-free Guarantee - does not cause any migratory staining on natural stone High resistance to notches, tension and tearing Excellent weathering, ageing and UV-resistance Non-corrosive Contains fungicides Also in "structure" colours with a stonelike surface Also available in "matt-finished" colours The right way to smooth matt colours - see the application tips in the technical data sheet. Stress expansion modulus at 100 % (ISO 37, S3A): 0,5 N/mm²

OTTOSEAL® S70 Fields of application: Sealing and jointing on marble and all natural stones, e. g. sandstone, quartzite, granite, gneiss, porphyry etc. in interior and exterior areas Sealing of expansion joints in the area of floors, walls and facades Movement-compensating bonding of natural stone on metal, e. g. stairs on a metal construction Sealing and jointing of marble / natural stone swimming pools, also underwater joints Sealing of lacquered and enamelled glass For the external sealing of mirrors in connection with natural stone Joint filling materials between ceramic slabs and natural stone used outside with the slab bearings by TERRA LEVEL

OTTOSEAL® S70 Standards and tests: Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 1: F EXT-INT 25 LM / F EXT-INT CC 20 LM Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 3: XS 1 Tested according to EN 15651 – Part 4: PW EXT-INT 25 LM (1) Tested according to ISO 16938-1 of SKZ Würzburg (Testing for migratory staining of sealants on natural stone) Tested according to ASTM C 1248 by DL Laboratories, New York (Testing for migratory staining of sealants on natural stone) Suitable for applications according to IVD instruction sheet no. 1+3-1+3-2+9+14+23+25+27+30+31+35 (IVD = German industry association sealants) Quality seal of the IVD (Industrial association for sealants, registered society), tested by the ift Rosenheim (Institute of window engineering, registered society) According to regulation (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH) French VOC-emission class A+ Declaration in "baubook" Austria (1) Applies only to the matt shades of OTTOSEAL® S 70 - all other shades comply with PW INT 12,5 E EMICODE® EC 1 Plus R - very low emission For conformity with DGNB and LEED®, see the sustainability data sheet

OTTOSEAL® S70 Packaging: Due to typographical reasons the colours shown below may differ from the original colours of the products. Please request our colour charts for precise colour examples.


Data sheet

1 Box 1 Unit
Cart. 310 ml
EN 15651 Part 1
EN 15651 Part 3
ISO 16938
French VOC-emission class A+
EN 15651 Part 2
EN 15651 Part 4
REACH 1907/2006

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S70 Ficha Seguridad SP

Download (364.37k)

S70 Ficha Técnica SP

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S70 Safety Data Sheet GB

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S70 Technical Data Sheet GB

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