Momentive RTV108Q Translucent FDA Silicone tube 82.8 ml 24 Units

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Momentive RTV108Q Translucent FDA Silicone 85gm

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Momentive RTV108Q is a versatile, ready to use adhesive sealant which cures to a tough, durable resilient silicone rubber. Uncured, this general purpose sealant has a paste consistency which can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces where pourable/self- levelling sealants are not practical. RTV108Q will bond to many clean surfaces without the aid of primers. These surfaces typically include many metals, glass, ceramic, silicone rubbers and some rigid plastics. For difficult-to-bond substrates, the use of a primer is suggested. Depending on the substrates involved, various primers are recommended for use with these sealants, specifically SS4004, SS4044 and SS4179. This product is suited for a range of applications including general purpose bonding; sealing; electrical insulation and creating formed-in-place gaskets.

Features: Easy to use, one-component material. Cures at room temperature and ambient humidity. Offers self-adhesion properties. Low temperature flexibility. High temperature performance. Excellent weatherability, ozone and chemical resistance. Excellent electrical insulation properties. Technical Properties: Colour: Translucent. Tack-Free Time: 20 Mins. Cured Shore Hardness: 30 Shore A. Elongation: 450%. Dielectric Strength: 20kv/ mm (500 v/mil). Operating Temperature: -60°C to +204°C. Intermittent Temp: +260°C.

Product Specifications:

  • FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, USDA
  • NSF International Std. No. 51
  • Military Specification: MIL-A-46106
  • Boeing Specification: BAC5010
  • Airbus Qualification: Level P3


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1 Box 24 Units

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Ficha Seguridad RTV 108 Tubo sp

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Safety Data Sheet RTV 108 gb

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