LUWIREP 70 Professional Complete Repair Kit

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LUWIREP® 70 Professional Complete Repair Kit Set

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LUWIREP® 70 Conveyor belt repair system and rubber wear protection. This 2-component repair material was developed by LUTZE, especially for the repair of damaged rubber conveyor belts. In particular, the adhesion and abrasion were optimized to the characteristics of the rubber. The damage can be repaired in just 40 minutes. The conveyor is operational again immediately after finishing the job.

The Work Kit is composed of:

  • 10x LUWIREP 70-050, 50 ml
  • 5x LUWIREP 70-400, 400 ml
  • 1x discharging device-050, mechanical
  • 1x discharging device-400, pneumatic
  • 1x grinding machine, Ø 125 mm
  • 1x rubber support disc (for grinding machine)
  • 25x grinding discs
  • 1x cutter knife + spare blades
  • 6x flat brushes, 1”
  • 3x round brushes, size 12
  • 3x Mixing cups, 860 cm³
  • 1x hand brush
  • 1x folding ruler
  • 2x LUWIREP primer for rubber, 250 ml
  • 1x Lutze Cleaner, 1,5 l

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