3M 3748 hot melt adhesive polyolefin 5 kgs box

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3M 3748 hot melt adhesive polyolefin

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3M ™ 3748 VO hot melt adhesive is a 100% general purpose thermoplastic adhesive composed of solids. Our self-extinguishing adhesive will not burn when the combustion source is removed. It offers good thermal and electrical properties for printed circuits, circuit boards and other electronic applications and is resistant to impacts, which makes it suitable for parts subject to vibrations and other movements. Unique versatility We have formulated the 3M ™ 3748 VO hot melt adhesive to cure, create flexible and resistant joints against vibrations and shocks, reliable and durable. Our 100% solids thermoplastic hot melt adhesive provides good peel adhesion, thermal shock properties and the heterogeneous expansion of its various components, together with the heat resistance required in electronics and other environments. It offers excellent electrical properties, which makes it ideal for use in printed circuit boards and other electronic component bonding applications. Join well complicated surfaces such as polyolefins and other plastics. In addition, this versatile and exclusive formula does not corrode copper and other metals. Recommended applications Cables and electrical connectors for demanding tasks Electronic components in plastic housings Circuit boards Carpentry Automotive furniture Means of transport Aerospace industry General industrial use Upholstery Point of sale counters Sample tables Military sector Windows Trophies Bijouterie Audio components Cabinets Construction Electronics Assembly Repair Filling Panels joining Cable clamping Packaging Sealing Filling Encapsulating Stiffening Joining foams Gluing Versatile formula 3M ™ 3748 VO hot melt adhesive is self-extinguishing and has a UL 94 VO rating. In addition to its exceptional applications in the field of electronics, our adhesive formula is also useful in many applications of sealing and general industrial union where self-extinguishing performance is required. There are several sectors in which 3M ™ hotmelt adhesives are used for filling and encapsulation, since their fluidity and adaptability allow filling or acting as a bridge between complex shapes. Its shock-resistant formula protects components and wiring connections from vibrations, small impacts and thermal shock. The use of 3M ™ hot melt adhesives evenly distributes the tension along the entire bond line. Nuts, bolts and other fasteners concentrate tension at a point, which can decrease physical properties


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