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Vitralit VBB1 Gel syringes 30 grs. 14 Units

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Vitralit VBB1 Gel syringes 30 grs

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Panacol Vitralit® adhesives are one-component, solvent-free radiation-curing adhesives. The advantages are very short curing times, good adhesion to a variety of substrates, and easy handling. Vitralit® products are used in electronics, medical applications, optics and for fixing parts in general. Vitralit® VBB-1 Gel is a UV and light-curing, shear thinning adhesive with a short curing time.

Vitralit® VBB-1 gel has excellent peeling strength, is optically clear, very flexible and thus an alternative to silicone. Due to its good adhesion on many substrates, the low water absorption and good temperature resistance,

Vitralit® VBB-1 Gel is suitable for a wide range of applications. Due to its low shore hardness and good moisture resistance,

Vitralit® VBB-1 gel is very suitable for UV curing casting applications.


Data sheet

14 units
Store between 5º and 25ºC

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Ficha Seguridad VBB1 sp

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Technical Data Sheet VBB1

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