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Dispensers and Accessories

Dispensers and Accessories

At Uniones Adhesivasnot only know how to meet the needs of each customer with the acquisition of the adhesive, sealant, epoxy, etc. that they need, but we will also advise you which is the best dispenser for a correct application of the product. The dispenser is the right accessory for the correct application, mixing of components or the only possible way to reach that inaccessible point without the help of a dispensing needle. We will briefly comment on the differences that we find in the wide range of dispensers available on the market.


We are talking about the classic plastic cannula usual in silicone or adhesive sealant cartridges, it can be with or without cap and with different standard sizes. Available for 290/300/310/400/580/600/1000 ml cartridges and with different endings at the tip, depending on the type of application or the area to be sealed.



A wide range of guns for the correct application of silicone or adhesive, manual, compressed air, automatic and for different types of cartridge formats, single-component, bi-component or aluminum foil. Apply your adhesive or silicone in a simple and safe way and combine it with the corresponding nozzle or mixer to achieve the optimum result for your work.



These dispensers have the function of mixing two components, such as adhesives or resins, correctly and homogeneously. For each application there is a wide range of mixers in different sizes with different mixing geometries. Choosing the right mixer guarantees adhesive performance and maximum process reliability. 



For special applications, where the precision of placing the adhesive is difficult to access, or of a very small diameter, special dispensing needles and cannulas are required. Dispensing needles and cannulas are available in different diameters, shapes and depths, and are differentiated by their color. These needles can be attached to the dispensing syringe. This syringe can be connected to a dispensing equipment (we will talk about them later).



The correct dispensing of adhesives and sealants is one of the most important factors for the success of any bonding operation. With the right dispensing equipment we will apply the adhesive or silicone efficiently and effectively. Equipped with digital timers and manufactured with robust and reliable pneumatic components, they can be subjected to intensive productions that demand high repeatability. They can distribute a product in drops or beads from a syringe or cartridge, or control a pneumatic or electric valve. 


A wide range of application options for your project. At Uniones Adhesivas you will find the right support and advice for your project. Do not hesitate to contact us, you will find in us the perfect partner for your gluing solution.

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