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High-quality bonding and sealing for lighting fixtures

High-quality bonding and sealing for lighting fixtures

Lighting is a key factor in any industrial sector. Thanks to it we are able to work in safer conditions because we can be warned and prevented from hazards and accidents at work. But also in our daily life we find artificial lighting more than necessary.

Adhesives and sealants play an essential role in the production of all types of lamps and lighting fixtures. In fact, by means of them a high durability is achieved.

At Uniones Adhesivas we are experts in bonding, sealing and protection solutions. For this reason we want to help you with all your questions about bonding and sealing in the production of lamps and lighting fixtures. Below we will show you the most frequent applications of adhesive solutions for this type of production:

Bonding and sealing of lamp covers

Lamps are usually made of plastics, metals and glass. This means that the adhesive we use for the union of these elementsPegados y sellados de alta calidad para accesorios de iluminaciónmust have the appropriate properties and join them without affecting any of the materials.

Adhesives and sealants for bonding coatings must meet a number of characteristics such as:

  • Very strong adhesion of plastic and glass even under adverse weather conditions.
  • Resistant to different temperatures.
  • Joints with high durability.

Bonding and sealing of vehicle lights

Vehicle lights are often exposed to difficult conditions, rain, snow, all kinds of temperatures, salt, cleaning products, etc.... On the other hand, their durability must be very long and can reach several decades.

For this reason, adhesives and sealants designed for this type of lights should comply with the following characteristics:

  • Perfect adhesion to plastic.
  • Fast curing for industrial productions.
  • They must not allow fogging, so they must be high quality products.

Potting resins for electronic components

Epoxy, urethane and two-component silicone potting resins are used for potting electronic components. Among their advantages are their ability to withstand different temperatures and their high strength.

In the Adhesive Bonding article on the characteristics of potting resins you can find all their advantages and unlimited uses depending on the situation.
High-quality bonding and sealing for lighting fixtures
In this case, the encapsulating resins for electronic components must adhere perfectly to the plastic and have a fast cure time.

Uniones Adhesivas in the lighting & LED sector

In Uniones Adhesivas we work in a wide range of industrial sectors. In the case of lighting & LED we offer personalized advice focused on the customer to choose the best solution for bonding, sealing and protection in each case. In addition to our extensive experience we have high quality products to achieve the best results.

If you need help in choosing high quality gluing and sealing products for lighting fixtures, do not hesitate to contact us.

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