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I waterproof the electronics inside my drone

I waterproof the electronics inside my drone

There are many people who fall in love with drones and all their possibilities, but the features that make them most attractive as a leisure pursuit is the ability to record videos or take photographs from the air.

This is possible thanks to their small dimensions, autonomy and multiple flight methods.

What if it starts raining or snowing while your drone is in the air, would the electronics on your drone survive?

This is why, at Uniones Adhesivas, we want to explain how you can waterproof the electronics inside your drone.

How do you clean the electronic circuit boards in drones?


If you want to waterproof all the electronic components inside a drone, you must first thoroughly clean the entire drone (not just the electronic components).

Proper maintenance of the drone is essential for it to work at its best, which is why you must get into the habit of regularly and thoroughly cleaning it.

Each drone is different, but they all have the same enemy: dust and dirt. To combat them, you must have a good drone maintenance kit, a kit that must include a small cleaning brush, isopropyl alcohol, which is ideal to clean dust and remove dirt; several microfibre cloths, which will allow you to clean away dust; and one final element, compressed air, which will require a good tool, and will allow you to clean dirt and dust from the most difficult areas to access.

With this cleaning process completed, you can now begin the meticulous task of waterproofing all the electronic elements of the drone.

How can I waterproof the electronics inside my drone?


To waterproof any drone, you must focus on all the various electronic elements that are inside it, and one of the best options to completely waterproof the electronics of drones is to apply silicone sealant.

Another of the materials necessary to create this waterproofing, apart from the silicone sealant (an essential element), is the epoxy resin or polyepoxide.

These types of resins have multiple applications, we will focus on their application in the electrical systems of drones. Applying them makes it possible to insulate and protect the electronic circuits against any kind of short circuit, damp or dust, among other things.

With these materials and careful work, you can ensure that your drone is waterproof, or rather, that the electronic components in your drone are waterproof and able to survive unscathed any inclement weather during flight and/or recording. You will never have to worry about the rain when flying your drone again!

If you are interested in waterproofing your drone, do not hesitate to contact us and a sales representative will contact you.

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