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Momentive commits to the mobility of the future

Momentive commits to the mobility of the future

  1. The new era in the automotive sector
  2. Momentive specializes in its EMobility silicones.

We know that the future presents us with many challenges, and one of them is mobility. That is why manufacturers like MOMENTIVE are committed to a sustainable, ecological - but above all - safe model.

  1. The new era in the automotive sector
  2. Momentive specializes in its EMobility silicones.

We are facing one of the biggest revolutions in the automotive sector in which a new era is emerging that revolves around electric mobility. These are undoubtedly accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions.

The new era in the automotive sector

We assume that the future of mobility is being redefined by a paradigm shift from traditional combustion technology to electric vehicle technology that is constantly growing and evolving.

We can see how companies are forced to innovate, since in order to be competitive they must face the new challenges that the new era is demanding of them. For this reason, Momentive remains committed to this sector and innovation in these fields, as it continues to advance the material solutions that will play - or already play - a transcendental role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

As advances are made in electric mobility, the challenge is to meet the need for advanced materials with sufficient guarantees to continue to evolve. Safety, reliability and performance continue to be the cornerstones underpinning research into the specification of polymers in electric mobility applications.

Momentive specializes in its EMobility silicones.

The unique properties of Momentive's silicone place it at the forefront of innovation in this field. For example, its LSR-based material and HCR technologies, specialized to meet and exceed the demands of electric vehicle performance requirements in a wide range of electric mobility applications, are the company's most in-demand and most resourceful products in innovation.

But it should be noted that its products range from thermal management to cable battery solutions. It also ranges from sensor coatings to adhesives and seals. Momentive's innovative silicones are helping to shape the future of electric mobility through collaboration and continuous work with its partners and customers.

In short, Momentive has specialized in specially formulated materials that allow the manufacture of high-end electronic products with three key premises for the future automotive sector such as reliability, longevity and durability.

But it is not only focused on a single industry as electric mobility applications can also be found in other fields that help innovation and complement each other. For example, aerospace applications, technology applied in aviation require high temperature and stress resistance, two concepts that are also meticulously worked on in electric mobility and that advances in one feeds into the other.

Finally, one of the pillars that gives Momentive the most confidence in its field is the extensive experience it has within the industry and its technical know-how to help its customers and industry partners succeed tremendously.

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