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OTTOSEAL® M 380 in Clean Rooms

OTTOSEAL® M 380 in Clean Rooms

In the forefront of clean room construction and maintenance, every component, no matter how insignificant it may seem, plays a crucial role in overall performance. Beyond the shiny walls and advanced filtration systems, there's a crucial detail that can't be overlooked: the sealant used. In this context, OTTOSEAL® M 380 emerges as this "silent force", ensuring these clean rooms meet the highest standards in critical industries.

  1. STPU Hybrid Polymer Technology
  2. Weather and Aging Resistance
  3. Safe and Healthy Composition
  4. Antifungal Protection
  5. Certifications and Standards
  6. Versatility in Applications

STPU Hybrid Polymer Technology

The use of STPU hybrid polymers, which combine the best of silicone and polyurethane, sets OTTOSEAL® M 380 apart in the realm of sealants. This blend provides superior adhesion, unmatched resistance, and flexibility.

In addition to its technical properties, the STPU technology translates to greater longevity of the sealant and a reduction in the need for frequent maintenance. This assures clean room owners that their investment is protected in the long run.

Weather and Aging Resistance

The OTTOSEAL® M 380 sealant is designed to withstand the most challenging trials. Whether it's UV exposure or extreme temperatures, this product maintains its integrity. This resilience implies enduring and robust sealing over time.

The product's ability to resist aging means fewer maintenance interventions and constant protection, offering peace of mind to clean room managers.

Safe and Healthy Composition

For spaces requiring the highest purity standards, OTTOSEAL® M 380 has been formulated without isocyanates and silicones. This composition minimizes potential risks, ensuring an environment free from contaminants.

The sealant's low emissions and its nearly non-existent odor ensure that the air quality in clean rooms remains intact. This not only benefits the product and equipment but also the well-being of employees.

Antifungal Protection

Protection against contaminants is essential in clean rooms. With its antifungal capacity, OTTOSEAL® M 380 not only provides effective sealing but also actively combats the growth of fungi and bacteria, maintaining the environment's sterility.

The presence of this active barrier ensures that clean room conditions are upheld, reducing risks of contamination and guaranteeing safe and efficient operations.

Certifications and Standards

The OTTOSEAL® M 380 sealant complies with multiple certifications that endorse its quality and efficiency. These acknowledgments reflect the product's commitment to maintaining the highest standards, ensuring businesses they're getting the best in its class.

The trust placed in a certified product can make a difference in critical operations. These certifications serve as an added guarantee for businesses looking for the best for their clean rooms.

Versatility in Applications

Beyond clean rooms, the applicability of OTTOSEAL® M 380 is wide and varied. Its ability to adhere to different surfaces and its use in various systems make it an essential tool for any operation requiring sealing.

The versatility of this product means it can be used in a variety of scenarios, ensuring that, regardless of the challenge presented, OTTOSEAL® M 380 has a suitable and efficient solution.

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