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The best solution in structural adhesives for railroads

The best solution in structural adhesives for railroads

  1. Impact of adhesive on the railway sector
  2. Design and structure are compatible
  3. Adhesive as a structural solution
    1. Structural adhesive properties
    2. Structural Adhesives Products

Any manufacturer in the transport sector in general - and in the railway sector in particular - is asking the same question that determines the future of any company that wants to be competitive in the present, but above all, in the future.

Impact of adhesive on the railway sector

How to reduce assembly costs, increase productivity and improve the quality of the finished component?

From Uniones Adhesivas we have it clear, since the answer could reside in a structural adhesive.

It has been proven over time that adhesive solutions have helped manufacturers in different areas of the transportation sector - and especially in the railway sector - to surpass existing standards with the proper use of adhesives designed to bond the vast majority of thermoplastics, metals and composite materials that a vehicle of these characteristics contains.

Durable adhesive components are especially important for vehicles involved in mass passenger transportation such as railroads.

Design and structure are compatible

It is evident that in the face of the competitiveness and demands of the sector, there are factors -such as design- that are pushed to the limit in order to be the most avant-garde and innovative in the market. But it is not the only thing that must predominate in a train with great performance, since it is also important to offer reliability, safety and -above all- optimum operating performance.

Because of all the above-mentioned elements, it is of vital importance for manufacturers to be able to assemble subcomponents quickly. But without forgetting such important factors as safety and efficiency when applying modular production methods.

Therefore, in this process, it is convenient to work with alternatives to the dependence on mechanical fasteners. It is from this point that we consider that the solution can be offered at the chemical level, i.e. with adhesives that allow the manufacturer to provide a perfectly finished product with less weight.

Adhesive as a structural solution

At Uniones Adhesivas we always try to offer the best and most sustainable solution. For us, the type of adhesive that is best suited for this type of process is Plexus adhesives specialized in this field, as they have the ability to bond different types of plastics, metals and composites, which undoubtedly helps to reduce component costs. Quality and sustainability are very important factors for innovation in the railway industry.

Structural adhesive properties

Plexus adhesives are frequently used for this type of process, and their application can be present during the design phase all the way through to assembly. It also performs excellently in the final phase, as we can see that these components remain intact and resistant to environmental stresses.

Plexus guarantees durable bonds, offering countless possibilities for design engineers. It even presents a number of advantages for production managers as Plexus ensures bonds so strong that the adhesive will undoubtedly outperform the substrate.

When it comes to metal bonding, while retaining its strength properties, it is able to maintain the aesthetics and design that are usually considered at the beginning of any project.

Therefore, we can state from Uniones Adhesivas that Plexus structural adhesives can help reduce assembly costs in the railway industry for several reasons:

  • Minimizes or eliminates the need for surface preparation.
  • Cured at room temperature.
  • Simplifies assembly processes and shortens assembly time.
  • Guarantees excellent fatigue and impact resistance.

But we cannot underestimate the importance of a solid and lasting construction. Therefore, the involvement and commitment that Uniones Adhesivas offers to our customer relationships, as we believe it is a big part of our success.

From the beginning we work closely with our customers, and we seek to understand every aspect and requirement they may have by offering this and other solutions that can meet the specifications of each project.

Structural Adhesives Products

Our unique adhesives offer clear advantages when dealing with complex components and large surfaces.

Plexus MA300, MA310, MA420, MA515 and MA832 adhesives meet R1 requirements for Hazard Levels HL1 - HL3 in all design and performance categories of rail vehicles.

R1/ Part 2 of EN45545-2:2013 for

  • Toxicity: EN45545 Annex C (ISO 5659)
  • Flammability (ISO 5658-2)
  • Heat release (ISO 5660-2)


  • UV stable
  • Reduction of VOC emissions
  • High resistance and durability
  • Excellent resistance to salt spray
  • Ease of use, no specialized training required
  • Resistance to fuel, screen wash and other commonly used chemicals


  • Improved aesthetics and aerodynamic efficiency
  • More design options due to the ability to join different metals and materials
  • A wide range of open and fixed schedules available to suit all applications
  • Jointing lines designed to withstand climatic stresses and different environmental conditions
  • Easier recycling: no need to cut the gasket and fully compatible with shredding
  • Avoid corrosion: no need to drill or drill through substrates for mechanical fastening.
  • Reduction of the final weight of the assembly
  • Improved efficiency and reduced emissions
  • No need for mechanical fasteners

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