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The best solutions for maintenance and repair of wind turbines

The best solutions for maintenance and repair of wind turbines

  1. How to perform the best wind turbine maintenance
  2. Repairing wind turbines
  3. Solution for the most common wind turbine damages
    1. Gearbox failure
    2. Blade repair
    3. Generator failures

How to perform the best wind turbine maintenance

A product that is in an enclosed space does not behave in the same way as a product that is outdoors. Neither does it have the same components nor - of course - does it need the same maintenance. Therefore, when we refer to wind turbine conservation work, we must bear in mind that it is a complex process and that it is extremely difficult to carry it out without the help of an expert in this field.

Wind turbines are exposed to continuous erosion from environmental factors such as wind and rain, so it is essential to have a sustainable and continuous conservation process.

It should be noted that this is a market that is on the rise, as turnover is expected to continue growing until at least 2025. This implies a continuous development of new products, leading to substantial improvements in the maintenance of wind turbines.

Repairing wind turbines

There is an irrefutable fact, a machine that does not work is not able to produce, so the investment can be jeopardized. That is the main reason why a repair can become a tremendous headache. The fact that the machine is not at 100% -even stopped- or the high costs that the repair of wind turbines can mean are factors that can cause serious problems in the energy supply.

Maintenance therefore stands as the most decisive component for ensuring a continuous energy supply and minimizing investment risk factors. Since in 2019, wind turbine repairs reached a whopping 7 million euros.

Nowadays, it is possible to reduce failures with a variety of maintenance systems and intelligent and efficient planning.

Solution for the most common wind turbine damages

In order to find a solution to the most common failures that occur with wind turbines, it is necessary to differentiate between the different elements that make up a wind turbine.

Gearbox failure

Gearbox failure is a costly replacement, so maintenance is vital. It should be noted that this type of failure represents 13% of the total cost of a turbine.

There are many reasons why a gearbox can suffer from failures such as: contaminated lubrication; incorrect lubrication in the bearings or gears; incorrect distribution caused by load imbalance; exposure to strong winds; and finally, low utilization of a wind turbine.

Blade repair

We are referring to the most demanding component of which a wind turbine can be composed, since it is the one that is most exposed to inclement weather and it is also the one that has more technical requirements. This is due to the fact that manufacturers, with the vision of producing more energy, increasingly create larger blades, which can cause more errors due to the high pressures to which they are subjected.

So we can easily deduce that the blades are exposed to various failures such as joint failure; defects caused by erosion due to lightning, birds, etc.; and for cracks or flaws that may be created in the blade.

Generator failures

We are referring to the most important component of a wind turbine, since it is the one that transforms all the movement into energy, so its most common failure is usually related to electrical problems.

The generator is the key part of a wind turbine so the failures that occur are often more frustrating, making them much more problematic. Therefore, the most common errors that can be suffered are contaminated lubrication or exposure to extreme climates that affect electrical equipment.

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