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HERNON CA 14 Cyanocrylate Adhesive Remover Bottle 55 ml 10 units

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Hernon® Cyanoacrylate Remover 14

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Hernon® Cyanoacrylate Remover 14 is a specially formulated solvent to dissolve cured cyanoacrylate based adhesives in between parts, clothing, or various surfaces. Remover 14 will allow the removal of cyanoacrylate adhesives in several minutes to several hours depending upon the amount of adhesive to be removed. Tissue or cloth saturated with Remover 14 will wipe off thin layers of adhesive. Larger beads or drops will require reapplication of the solvent. Bonded parts may require soaking.

Typical Applications

• Part debonding for rework

• Clean up of cured cyanoacrylate adhesive

Use and Application

Applying Remover 14 to cured cyanoacrylate adhesive will allow its removal in several minutes to several hours, depending upon the amount of adhesive.

• Thin layers of adhesive will wipe off with a Remover 14 soaked tissue or cloth.

• Thick beads or drops will take between 15 to 30 minutes and will require reapplication of solvent.

• Bonded parts may require several hours of soaking.


Data sheet

1 Box 10 Units

Specific References


Safety Data Sheet CA14 gb

Download (290.72k)

Technical Data Sheet CA14

Download (79.9k)

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