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Dispensers and consumables

What we offer / Dispensers and consumables

Dispensers and accessories

Our dispensers and controllers guarantee precise and constant dosing for all kind of fluids: glue, oils, greases, paints, soldering paste, etc.

They are equipped with digital timers and manufactured with solid and reliable pneumatic components, can bear intensive productions demanding huge repetitions. They can distribute a product in dots or lines from a syringe or a cartridge, or pilot a pneumatic or electric valve.


Dosing valves

We have a wide variety of precision valves for different viscosities and types of material.

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Our tanks stores fluids and pressurize them for feeding our valves and allow precise dossing. They have full opening for receiving directly the original packaging.

There are 5 capacities available to respond to different applications. All of our deposits are equipped with security valve to protect operator from accidental overpressure. A regulator and a manometer allow adjusting the desirable work pressure. Robust manufactured, they are adapted to be used in a variety of industrial environments.


Guns for manual, pneumatic
application, and with battery

We have all references of manual and pneumatic guns and autonomous with battery for a wide variety of cartridges, either one or two component. Its solid construction allows an intensive use in the industrial environment.

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