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Encapsulant Resins

Whether utilizing epoxy, silicone or urethane polymer systems, we continue to deliver results for demanding applications in a wide variety of industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, telecommunications and industrial electronics based on our customers’ design and specification needs.


Our products offer diverse encapsulant application options including use in ignition coils, engine control modules, transmission control modules, sensors, power supplies, transformers and other critical electrical/electronic equipment.

If you need help choosing one of our standard potting and encapsulant products or if they don’t quite meet your needs, let us help you achieve an appropriate solution for your application.


Encapsulant resins:

  • Epoxy products
  • Silicones
  • Urethanes

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Epoxy Products

Epoxies provide strength, versatility, durability, adhesion, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance in adhesive and potting and encapsulant applications.

These products can be formulated to fit a variety of applications and requirements thanks to the wide availability of raw materials.

We offer a wide range of epoxy products from extremely flexible to highly-rigid casting materials, either filled or unfilled, that are thermally and/or electrically conductive and flame retardant.



Silicones are one of the most environmentally friendly chemistries and offer inherent flexibility spanning over a wide temperature range (-75°C to +200°C).

Silicone products are widely known to protect fragile electronic components and modules where flame and high temperature resistance and permanent flexibility are top priorities.

We offer platinum cured, soft silicone and condensation cured silicone rubbers, either unfilled clear or filled.



Urethanes are considered to be a great alternative to silicones when high temperature resistance is not required.

For electronic packaging, urethanes are known to work best in low-temperature applications. They protect stress-sensitive electronic devices and act as a barrier against water.

We offer low viscosity urethane products ranging from soft gels to semi-rigid casting materials that are designed to fi t various potting application needs. potting.