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Structural Adhesives

Structural adhesives offer alternative, strong and long lasting solutions to the traditional assembling methods such as rivets, soldering, screws, double-sided bonding tapes or waterproofing sealants.

Its use gives our customers freedom on the design, easier manufacturing methods with great results and reducing costs significantly. They are technical adhesives valid for demanding applications and extreme performances.

A vast experience in applications:

Decorative panels, commercial and traffic signing, satellite dishes, train and tram equipment, deck and hull assembling, the construction and reinforcement of panels for machinery, automotive and special vehicles, among many more.


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Improve your design

  • Renew the selection of materials
  • Lighter materials
  • Material combination
  • Material innovation
  • Complex forms
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Reduction of costs

Improve your processes

  • Simplified surface treatments
  • Manual or automatic application
  • No mechanic or thermal damages
  • Placement correction possible
  • Selectable times of working
  • Assembling and sealing in just one application
  • Electrostatic painting process resistant
  • Independent cure of heat and humidity

Improve your results

  • Exceptional mechanic resistance
  • Proven fatigue strength
  • Reduces vibration and noise
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Resists high temperatures
  • Proven chemistry/UV/humidity tenacity
  • Excellent ageing resistant
  • There is no induced rust